Why Raffles Talent Academy


Opportunities for Enhanced Learning

Get involved with SRMC’s activities and get opportunities to participate in recording projects!

Learning Support

Receive online practice feedback and a mentorship programme with SRMC’s students!

Access to Facilities

Get access to all of SRMC’s top tier facilities, including the Production Suite and Recital Studio!

Compass Ecosystem

Enjoy your classes with our personalised curriculum to fit each student’s needs!

Direct School Admission (DSA)

Prepare yourself with our DSA prep course to enter your dream school!

List of Courses

Key Features of Our Curriculum

Integrated Learning and Mentorship
Students’ weekly online submission of their practice progress will be assessed by our faculty and feedback will be provided.

Aptitude Development
Part of every lesson will be devoted to Aural and theory skills to ensure holistic musical growth.

Performance Development and Appreciation
Monthly performance class and regular masterclasses are constantly scheduled to allow students gain exposure and performance opportunities.

Support Network
Students enjoy the privilege of learning from SRMC’s faculty, as well as full access to all college’s events and facilities.

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Student Testimonials


Erhu Student under Mr. Chew Jun Ru

My teacher is very patient and caring towards me and lessons are always fun and full of excitement. Whenever I am confused or need help, my teacher will not hesitate to help me find the best solution that will cater to my different learning styles.


Parent of Zanna Phua, Piano Student under Mr. Victor Ong

Teacher Victor has the much-needed patience to coach my mildly special needs child. Not only is he a highly trained pianist, he carries the passion for teaching as he imparts musical knowledge and technical skills to his students.


Parent of Wen Qing, Guzheng Student under Ms. Wang Kena

I am so blessed to know Ms. Wang Kena since few years ago. Ever since she taught my daughter Guzheng, I saw marvelous improvement & my daughter could play with much confidence unlike the past. Ms. Wang is always passionate & patient with her student. Even if my daughter played wrongly repeatedly, Ms. Wang will go through with her step by step. So far I have not seen her offended whilst teaching for she is always well composed. Based on my daughter’s remarkable performance, I must applaud Ms. Wang for being a productive & professional teacher. Thank you.

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