About Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC)

About Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC)

Since 2001, Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC) has been one of Singapore’s leading schools for higher learning in music and dance, registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Steeped in the tradition of excellence, SRMC possesses not only comprehensive curricula, excellent infrastructure, innovative teaching methods but also a team of highly qualified, dedicated and professional academic team. The pursuit of academic excellence is enhanced in 2010, when SRMC partnered University of West London(UWL), London College of Music (LCM)–one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the UK–to offer various music and dance degree programmes. This is further augmented in 2018, when the college shifted to its new campus, with its improved facilities to better support student development.

In 2020, the College has updated its Vision, Mission, and Values statements to be a career-focused arts college. This is to gear the focus on allowing the students to have the best head start in their careers by ensuring that the SRMC curriculum and industry experiences provide the students with relevant and desired skill sets to succeed in life.

With the mission of providing industry relevant skillsets to its students, SRMC shares the same belief with Talent Academy that a conducive environment is of upmost importance to the development of an individual. It is with this shared belief that SRMC extends its resources and expertise to the Talent Academy to aid the academy in achieving its vision of developing self-sustainable and versatile artists. By doing so, SRMC stays true its value of nurturing students into successful individuals.

Visit srmc.edu.sg for more information.

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