COMPASS Ecosystem Pillars

Integrated Learning And Mentoring

Aptitude Progression

Performance Development and Appreciation

Support Network

COMPASS Ecosystem Introduction

Individual lessons are important for the growth of students in terms of their artistic techniques and interpretation. But more importantly, to truly develop into artists, students need to have a healthy and conducive environment for them to explore and discover themselves. The COMPASS Ecosystem in the Talent Academy provides just that – comprising of four pillars, each addressing a key aspect to nurture students into mindful practitioners of art.

Through integrated learning and mentorship, students will enhance their learning experience by leveraging on technology supported by guidance from mentors. This is supplemented by Talent Academy’s Aptitude Analysis and Progress Tracker, which develops the students’ aptitude beyond their performance craft.

By providing opportunities for students to not only perform but also appreciate the creative process of art production, students will further nurture themselves to be arts enthusiasts. These would not be possible without the strong support network provided by the Singapore Raffles Music College, which enables student of the Talent Academy to tap on the resources of the college.

The Talent Academy welcomes all students to join us on a journey of self-discovery. By complementing individual lessons with opportunities afforded by the COMPASS Ecosystem, the Talent Academy is confident that students will be able to develop into self-sustainable and versatile artists.


To effectively support a students’ progress, it is not enough to depend on the weekly contact time between the teacher and the student. Students can make better progress if they are able to receive more regular feedback from their teachers over the week before their actual lessons.

Online learning is here to stay and Talent Academy embraces it. Through our online learning system, students will be able to supplement their onsite lessons with online support. Such integration will allow for students to further strengthen their craft and grow as independent individuals.

Aptitude Development

It is no longer sufficient to be just a performer; to thrive in the rapidly evolving 21st Century arts industry, it is crucial for students to wear multiple hats to become self-sustainable, versatile and skill practitioners in their own right.

Utilizing the Talent Academy’s Aptitude Analysis and Progress Tracker, the academy is able to build a comprehensive profile of every student’s strength and area of improvement. Detailed weekly feedback is given not only regarding their performance craft but also other crucial interpersonal skills as well. This close monitoring of the students’ progress allows them to nurture into informed practitioners of their craft.

Further, continual learning is especially important in the students’ journey of becoming an arts practitioner. To nurture students in this direction, masterclasses are conducted at least once every quarter. Students will be exposed to a wide range of topics, ranging from specialized knowledge such as performance psychology, to tangentially related areas such as production management or technical theatre. These will not only provide them with the necessary skillsets to become an arts practitioner in the 21st Century, but also allow them to sustain their passion as they continue pursuing excellence in their craft.

The journey does not stop here! If the student expresses interest in a particular topic, further arrangements can be made for the student to continue developing and honing their skills in that area.


No amount of practice or rehearsals can replace the actual experience of performing. The act of performing is an act of creation that serves as the essence for why we pursue the arts. To support the student’s development, we offer three distinct performance platforms:

1. Performance practice

Conducted once every month, Performance Practice serves as an opportunity for students to gain feedback from the Talent Academy’s community of art loves and industry practitioners. Keeping the session small and intimate, students need not feel stressed as performances are entirely voluntary and students can choose to do so only when they feel ready! By attending the performance practice session as an observer, student will nonetheless be able to learn good practices from their peers and apply them to their own performance in the future too.

2. Private/Closed Recitals

Held during the June and December holidays, the Private Recital is aby-invitation only recital for family and friends of Talent Academy’s students. An opportunity for students to showcase their performance craft, the Private Recitals is a focal point in the students’ learning journey. Teachers dedicate time during weekly lessons to prepare students for the recital, with the recital serving as a checkpoint for teachers to evaluate the progress of the student.

3. Industry Showcase

An annual event, the Industry Showcase brings together students from different departments to put on a stage production. Combining Music, Drama and Dance, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to cross-disciplinary collaboration.


An ecosystem truly thrives when there is a strong support network to provide students with a conducive environment for them to nurture into adventurous and resilient individuals. Students study under teachers who bring with them a wealth of real-world experience from the music industry. Not only are they industry practitioners, they are also mentors who are able to bring the best out of the students and guide them towards a journey of discovery.

Students in the Talent Academy will also be able to tap into the resources provided by Singapore Raffles Music College, such as attending workshops conducted by leading lecturers of the college and also gain exposure to performance and recording projects.

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