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Music Courses

Raffles Talent Academy music courses provide an enhanced arts learning experience to build true passion from within our students. Supported by our own COMPASS ecosystem, the academy is working closely with our teachers to create a multi-dimensional environment for music learning that encourages student to venture beyond technical abilities and explore artistic depths.

We are developing our students to become confident individuals with an acute awareness of the evolving trend in the global music industry. Through our online integrated learning system, students will be able to supplement their onsite lessons with online support to create more platforms for artistic involvement. They will also be encouraged to take initiative and guided on how to give constructive feedback through master class and performance opportunities.





Yang Qin


Drum Kit



Dance Courses

Raffles Talent Academy’s Dance Department is the embodiment of youth: Energetic, vibrant and dynamic. Dance is not just expressive movement. It is a storytelling tool that it supported by the versatility and dexterity of the breath and body.

“Do it big, do it right and do it with style” Dance, like every other performance art form takes discipline and focus. But unlike others, a dancer’s career is short. Our emerging dancers will be on a fast track towards professionalism with rigorous training regimes. Come to class ready to work hard and play hard!


Hip-Hop & Kpop Dance

Drama Courses

In preparation of the Trinity College London’s Speech and Drama Examinations, students can choose from a variety of different materials-poems, monologues and even excerpts from their favourite books. It can be anything and everything. As long as it captures their interest and showcases their greater potential. WE’LL PICK IT UP AND READ IT OUT!

Students develop performance skills-voice and movement techniques and characterisation as well as ability to analyse and articulate thoughts clearly about the material, the rehearsal process and one’s performance. Creativity, communication and interpersonal skills, organisational skills, critical thinking and the ability to work under pressure are some of the soft skills (easily applicable in daily life) we foster in this course.

Musical Theatre

Speech & Drama

Child Development & Communication

Explore the fascinating journey of children’s growth and communication. From essential milestones to nurturing effective communication skills. Join us as we delve into the wonderful world of child development and communication, supporting the little ones in reaching their full potential. Let’s embark on this enriching adventure together!

Public Speaking

Cognitive Training

Special Programmes


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