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In this hands-on course, every student will develop essential skills for giving speeches with impact. It aims to develop confident, knowledgeable, and inspiring speakers using different teaching methods that are student centred. Students will listen, analyse, and learn from famous speeches so they can deliver clear, concise, well-structured speeches that support the audience’s understanding of critical information. It is not just public speaking course but we aim high by progressively preparing your child for the yearly Singapore Model United Nations, or SMUN where students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations as a student conference representative at SMUN (optional).

Learning Outcome

Critical Thinker

A good speaker is not only famous for their confidence, and speeches but also their critical arguments. This course will develop students’ critical skills by analyzing great speeches, researching information for their arguments and understand important world issues

Confident Speaker

The wide range of speaking activities for each lesson will hon students to speak with the right tone, learn eye contact and proper posture when speaking and vocalization so they can speak clearly and audibly

Effective Writer

A good speaker is recognized by their good speeches, thus in this course, the student will write well-structured speeches/arguments, learn to use persuasive language in writing and sophisticated words or phrases to convey impactful ideas

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